The idea or concept behind the logo should depicts the business well ranking in google searches, which is the core business of this company, so the solution was to have those 3 light blue stripes that represent the ranking.

From the logo to the stationery every step went very smooth. Shaun then asked me to define the corporate identity based on the logo and right from the bat,  the result turned out great. Shaun made a promise that more marketing material would come to design.
Awesome! Thanks Shaun!

Here' it is live in my website portfolio!

Shaun's testimonial:

“I had the opportunity of working with Paulo and his graphic design company Origin-All-Design on a variety of logo and website banner projects. Paulo amazed me by his ability to complete all logo projects ahead of schedule and on budget. His logo designs are always professional and well done. I highly recommend Paulo and his logo design services to anyone who wants a solid brand identity.” 
Jake Simms
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